Play-to-earn: Expectations vs Reality

Gaming has always been a popular platform for many where people can easily earn money in less time. Recently, crypto assets like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have also become a mainstream investment prospect. The revolution of digital money is shifting towards the defi gaming to open up the next generation of games with this play-to-earn model.

Defi gaming or gaming on decentralized finance platform is gaming traction. Some platforms even have hundreds of thousands monthly active users. Simultaneously, DeFi gaming is also helping the other DeFi platforms such as Ethereum to become the one and it will definitely become the emerging platform in the coming future.

What is DeFi Gaming

Decentralized finance (DeFi) games are mostly focused towards play to earn model. Such games represent objects as Non Fungible Tokens[NFTs] where players exchange their objects via those NFTs and in return earn crypto assets.

The important thing in this model is that the players create value for the other players as well as for the developer team too.

The other distinction of decentralized protocol gaming is use of public blockchain for storing data. User is rewards and collectibles are stored in the distributed ledger for establishing a proof of ownership.

Important Point

The current video gaming industry is currently valued at $175 billion and defi space valued approx. $100 billion. This could create the drastic change in the industry by traversing. These will open the gateway towards an new asset class.

In today’s scenario, there are many online games and websites on the Internet that give you the opportunity to earn money in exchange for playing games. Pubg Coin is one of those defi gaming platform that works on play-to-earn model.


Post covid-19, investors had no choice for making money and DeFi gaming was seen as a distraction among investors as investors started trying their hand at different things during the lockdown. The users mainly do not easily accept these play-to-earn games because of security and privacy issues. They have the danger of misleading their information and money. DeFi Gaming can pool its crypto assets into a pool of Ethereum-based Crypto tokens, each unit of which can represent a large amount.


The true reality is that the defi gaming holds the future of next generation gaming platform. DeFi games are the first game to cross the 100,000-user milestone. This means that at least more than 25 lacs players play DeFi today. It uses not only Ethereum’s blockchain but also Binance Smart Chain and VAX. It has many different DeFi applications, from loans to exchanges, that work on blockchain technology so that there is no central authority involved. Instead, they are based on smart contracts, which are stored and executed in the blockchain

The defi games are actually provides security and privacy of its users and are free from gambling and fraud.

Pubg Coin is one of the emerging platforms in defi gaming industry offering millions of opportunities to grow your future and earnings to the next level. This platform allows almost everyone to participate and earn money at only lower fee.

The Future of DeFi gaming

The defi gaming is experiencing the growth in recent times and witnessing a huge leap forward in new possibilities of money functionality through the innovation of distributed ledger technology. The future of defi gaming is promising a new shift in the crypto assets. The DeFi space is slowly catching up with the traditional financial system and despite some hurdles that are certain to happen when working on the bleeding edge of innovation, the world of decentralized finance is on its way to prosperity. More over the time, it is difficult to predict how this space will take shape when the power to consolidate financial services is democratized.

Talking more about it future growth, defi gaming is becoming more global and adoptable. In the nearest future, the more gaming platform will come live with this play-to-earn model and bring more users. Also, these are highly secured.


You can earn a lot of money in a very short time via these defi gaming platforms. However, they have their own daily limits and the maximum value that can be won in a month and are bounded by certain limits. But these games are not tax-free and that should be taken into account. You will really enjoy these games if you play it just for fun and entertainment instead of aiming for0020money. Along with this, we also need to be very careful and alert with such gaming platforms so that we do not get harm.

Get ready to build your future to the next level with PubG Coin today and start generating profit instantly.

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PUB20 is a Gaming crypto coin build on Binance Smart Chain Network to energize gaming industry with Its NTF and Metaverse Technology.

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PUB20 is a Gaming crypto coin build on Binance Smart Chain Network to energize gaming industry with Its NTF and Metaverse Technology.

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